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The hamsa is an ancient amulet and sign of protection that represents blessings, power and strength and brings happiness and prosperity.  

what people are saying...
Thank you for everything. You have no idea how at peace my soul was waking up in this beautiful home all thanks to you. Now that I’m settled I am now able to go to the office and really focus.
— Ildiko in San Francisco
Post Street palace is the quintessential San Francisco flat where the client relocated for work and had neither the time nor energy to devote to setting up her new home. we designed the space, arranged delivery, assembly, installation and also purchased any last minute items to streamline her transition.

So much appreciation for you. It is such a luxury to have someone taking care of me / my home this way.
— Jenna in New York
The wild soul sanctuary is a beautiful yoga studio in a Brooklyn loft with gleaming hardwood floors and grand windows that fill the room with an abundance of natural light most in New York can only dream of. Jenna's vision was to create a space where she could read leisurely, grow her wild soul society programs, hold space for clients and center and expand her own personal journey. we absolutely loved helping her transform her studio.

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